U.S. Construction Industry Trends For 2017

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 5:16 pm    

Trends in Construction

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Although there are still many challenges, there is hope. Contractors will need to keep up with technology and strategize around a shortage of labor. The following is a list of major construction trends for 2017:

Shortage of Skilled Labor
During the recession, a large portion of the employees left and never returned.

Most experts agree that the shortage of the skilled labor in the construction industry is a problem that will continue for the foreseeable future.

A major challenge for new projects will be finding the right people for the job with the right skill set.

Unfortunately this is a trend that will continue to be an issue this year and years to come.

Single-family and multi-family residential buildings
Single-family residential buildings are expected to continue at or near the 17% current growth trend.

The trend in the multi-family residential building is expected to slow down in 2017.

Offsite / Modular Construction
Prefabricated construction solutions or modular construction is expected to gain momentum with a high rate since it is believed to be one of the better construction solutions offering many advantages in terms of construction time reduction.

Contrasting it with other methods that are common and that most of the organizations stick to, among them in the list of the advantages is that it minimizes the waste and cuts expense.

Therefore, taking into account all the benefits realized with the prefab method, this is one of the trends seen providing greater focus this year and it will continue to be on the rise the coming year; mostly in the health sector.

Green Building
Popularity of sustainability and “green” processes will result in contractors being expected to embrace this concept by making sure that they recycle materials and repurpose materials. In addition, contractors should be versed in renewable energy procedures and sources.

Technology in Construction
The latest technology is quickly finding it’s way into the construction industry. Smartphones, drones and software are disrupting the industry and should result in overall project cost reductions.

It is our opinion that the construction industry is in full recovery from the last economic recession. Advancements in the industry are expected to rise in 2017 which will affect the overall performance of the industry. In short, the future looks bright for the construction industry and companies looking to grow should invest heavily in themselves and their teams.

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